About Us

Zwonaka MLM Holdings (“Zwonaka”) was founded in 2016 by Mashudu Mannde

The company being a 100% black owned and 51% Black woman owned company, with a level one B-BBEE Recognition level per the amended Codes of Good Practice. Zwonaka provides its clients with more than just information, planning and solution tools. We provide quality services that are customized to the clients’ needs.

He has over 15 years of experience in various senior roles at market leading and defining organisations such as The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic), Transnet, IBM, Verification Agencies and Amazon Web Services.

Across those organisations Mashudu was responsible for managing, supporting and executing their strategies around BBBEE, Supply Chain, Enterprise and Supplier Development, Economic Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Procurement transformation in the private and public sectors.

At the dtic Mashudu participated in the drafting of the amended BBBEE Act and Codes , provided technical assistance to verification agencies, chaired the BBBEE Joint Technical Committee(JTC) and the MDP Committee. He also holds the B-BBEE Management Development Program (“MDP”) qualification.

Our success is measured by your success

Why work with us

Understanding the full breadth and depth of the world of B-BBEE and ESD can be overwhelming at the best of times. But making sure that your organization is compliant at all times is both a source of competitive advantage and an active management of risk associated with non-compliance.

Experienced Team

Our team has deep seated technical, regulatory and industry knowledge that will enable them to understand your business needs and make sure we partner with you to deliver sustainable value.


We recognize at all times that our success is and must be contingent upon your success.

How we work

Zwonaka MLM Holding prides itself with going beyond advisory services because of always considering:

Goal-driven design
Clients as partners
Quality over quantity

BBBEE Legislative

B-BBEE is a Socio-Economic transformation program introduced by the South African government as a means of accelerating social redress and narrowing economic inequality in South Africa.

The goal of B-BBEE is to accelerate the distribution means and opportunities across a broad spectrum of previously disadvantaged South Africans as far as possible, by introducing transformation requirements and leveraging other pieces of legislation aimed at achieving equality and social redress.

B-BBEE divides companies into three major categories:

Zwonaka MLM Holding prides itself with going beyond advisory services because of always considering:

  • Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME): an enterprise with an annual Turnover of R10 million or less.
  • Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE): an enterprise with an annual Turnover of between R10 million and R50 million
  • Generic: an enterprise with an annual Turnover above R50 million

The Codes define 3 of the 5 elements (Ownership, Skills Development, Enterprise, and Supplier Development) as "Priority Elements". Companies have to achieve a 40 % subminimum score for each Priority Element to avoid their Scorecard being discounted one level down.

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