Ownership Solutions

The Ownership, measures effective ownership of entities by Black people. This element is a priority element. We offer end to end solutions that Promote economic transformation through the advancement of Black ownership

We advised companies on different types of Ownership structures that create sustainable impact:

  • Creation and Implementation of Broad based Ownership Schemes or Employee Share Ownership Programmes.
  • Facilitation of Individual strategic Black investor.
  • Sale of assets.
  • Equity Equivalent Investment Programme for Multinationals.

The Skills Development

  • We create solutions that measures the extent to which employers carry out initiatives designed to develop the competencies of Black employees and Black people internally and externally.
  • We facilitate and Implement Learnership Programs and Provide Disability Training, Disability Learnership.
  • Assist with the submission of Workplace skills Plan and Annual Training Report.
  • Facilitation of SETA’s grants.

End To End Enterprise and Supplier Development Strategy and Implementation.

  • We advise companies to develop and implement ESD programs that are financial and non-financial support to develop Small Black Owned Enterprises.
  • Supplier Vetting and Sourcing.
  • Provide Coaching and Mentorship.
  • Incubation
  • Develop Key performance indicators and measure them during implementation.
  • Track the implementation of ESD.
  • Facilitation of SMMEs Training.
  • ESD budget management, beneficiaries sourcing and conducting of due.
  • Manage the ESD Fund and allocate it accordingly.

ESD is a combination of three elements:

1) Preferential Procurement
2) Supplier Development and
3) Enterprise Development programs

It is a key part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa.

Management Control:

  • We measures the effective control of entities by Black people.
  • We develop Transformation strategy to assist companies to increase participation of black people at board, executive, senior, middle, and junior management levels, and disabled employees.

Other Support Services

  • Sector Charter Codes and Scorecard.
  • Fund Management and Implementation.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation services.
  • Market Research and Financial Projections.
  • Compiling Business Plan and strategy development.
  • Supplier surveys, sourcing and database management.
  • Bid management & local content compliance.

Equity Equivalent Investment Program (EEIP) Facilitation.

The Government acknowledge that there may be multinationals that have global practices which prevent them from complying with the requirements of ownership element as per the BBBEE Codes The Codes of Good practice have a provision for recognition of contribution in lieu of a direct sale of equity, Statement 103. Foreign Multinationals must be able to prove that they qualify to participate in EEIP have not.

  • We assist multinational with meeting the qualification criteria to participate in EEIP.
  • We assist Foreign Multinational with the application (through DTIC) and implementation of EEIP, to secure the full ownership points upfront. EEIP allows eligible multinationals to recognise B-BBEE Ownership without diluting existing shareholders.